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Inner Sunset

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Frites. Fries. Chips, for some. 🍟

Full disclosure: they’re not really French. Fried? Oui. Delicious? Très. Now let’s just skip the intro (and the French lesson) and get to the good stuff, because honestly, french fries need no introduction. P.S. Hamburgers aren’t American either. Just turning your world upside down. Auf Wiedersehen! But food, though.

The Local Yelp

Event Spotlight

Barfly Book Release Party: Twenty Years Behind Bars Volume II: Parole Denied

Don't miss a live performance by Jeff Burkhart (aka the Marin IJ's "Barfly") from his new book "Twenty Years Behind Bars, Volume II, Parole Denied." The reading will be immediately followed by a Q & A, and book signing with the author. About Jeff Burkhart: Jeff has worked in notable restaurants and live music nightclubs throughout the Bay Area (Lark Creek Inn, Buckeye Roadhouse, and the Faultline Nightclub in San Rafael CA (just to name a few). He has been voted "best bartender" twice, by the readers of Bohemian Magazine (2007), and by the readers of the Marin Independent Journal (2017). In early 2006, Jeff began launched his weekly "Barfly" column for the Marin Independent Journal, which was then followed by the wine calendar series titled "What Do You Know About Wine?" which became a #3 national bestseller for Barnes and Noble. Barfly has since (in one form or another) graced the pages of newspapers across the nation from the San Jose Mercury News to the Tallahassee Democrat. And in 2014, Barfly was awarded "best column" in California by the California Newspaper Publishers Association in 2014 and was runner up in 2015.

Tue, Jul 23, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Debbie D.
Wrote a review for
Review of the Day
5.0 star rating

What's not to love? Takes card, open late, same store that also sells Asian snacks/drinks. I love the strawberry, Nutella, banana, and add cheesecake (+$3) they give you a lot of cheesecake! So share if you will. They also serve eggettes, boba drinks, and ice cream!

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